Safety is Our Priority

  • Every student is encouraged to take the school transport. Students who take the school transport is given an ID card for easy identification.
  • All the school buses are identified by their Bus numbers which is displayed on the front side of the bus.
  • The bus driver and conductor checks the areas from where the student has to be picked.
  • Children are handed over to the parents or the person authorized by the parents.
  • If the parents do not come to pick up the children, then they are informed and the children are brought back to the school.
  • Seat belt for safe driving is compulsory for all the students travelling by the school bus.
  • Ace the bus drivers are appointed based on the legal documents and police clearance certificate.
  • Bus attendance record is maintained in each and every bus. Teachers are also responsible for the safety of the children while travelling in the bus.
  • If the child misbehaves in the bus, the parents are informed and even after informing if the child still misbehaves, then the child is suspended from using the school transport.
  • The bus driver and conductor sign the register every day in the morning and
  • Bus drivers and conductors of the school are trained on “Child Protection Policy.
  • All the transport and safety rules of ADEC are followed by the School.
  • Ongoing review of driver/conductor performance is maintained by the Principal.