School Rules:

Students must carry their school diary every day. Photograph and identity information page should be completed and signed by the parent. The perforated sheet about student’s identity and details should be duly filled by the parent and returned to the class teacher.

Late Arrivals:

The first school bell rings at 7.50 am by which the students are expected to be in their respective classrooms.

A note will be made in the school diary if the students reach late to school.

Three consecutive late arrivals would lead to students being sent back home by their own transport.


Students should come neatly dressed to the school.

The girls should refrain from using eyeliner, heavy jewellery, finger rings, bind his, nail polish and long earrings. For very short hair, use black hair band and for long hair-two pony tails or two plaits depending on the length of the hair with black hair bands. Hair should be combed well and only ear studs are allowed. Students who wear black scarf should pin it up neatly.

Boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals. It should be well trimmed and no style is allowed.